Celebration Choir

PURPOSE: We must understand clearly that choir work is a means of leading others in worship. It is not a musical act, although it is musical. It is not a display of organizing skill, although it is organized. It is not entertainment, although people witness it. It is a presentation of worship with God as the audience, and this is a rare and special thing. The purpose of the Celebration Choir is:

To glorify God through music and magnify the message of salvation in song.
To be a foundational "worship voice" for the congregation in worship.
To lead and promote congregational interest in all things musical.
To model passionate, heart-felt praise and adoration.
To serve as a true companion to the ministry of the preached word.
MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all adults (18+) who voluntarily devote and consecrate to the Lord's service that musical talent which God has given them. Because of one's sincere desire to present God's word through music to the very best of their ability, each member is expected to be regular and faithful in attendance of all scheduled rehearsals and the morning worship service choir.

Celebration Choir currently rehearses on Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. In order to prepare for Sunday service leadership, a minimum of 90 minutes is necessary.